Turkey Tournament

Matches are played for 10 minutes, non stop. The player with the higher handicap gets a points start corresponding to the number difference in handicaps between the two players. Scoring is point a rally. 

Batman and Robin Pairs Tournament

A lower experienced player (ROBIN) will be paired with a higher experienced player (BATMAN). The Robins will play against another Robin from another pair until one player reaches 11 points (e.g. 11-8).  They then leave the court and the Batmen of their teams will then play each other starting with the points that their partner won earlier. The winner of the match will be the first team to 21. The teams will be paired so each pair has an equal chance of winning. 

Squash Club Championships

A prestigous tournament to award the coveted St Ivo Squash Champinship trophies to the best players (mixed/women) in the club. Usually it will be a graded competition or there will be a plate so players of all standards will get good games.

Racketball (Squash 57) Club Championships

The bigger ball, bigger bat version of the squash club championships. 

Racketball Detox

After christmas, what better way to run off the christmas turkey than a few games of racketball in this friendly competition. 




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