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Squash and Racketball Club Night

Open to members and non-members. Club night runs on Monday nights from 7.40pm to late. Club night is a great opportunity to practice with players of all abilities and improve your game. Equipment can be provided. 

Members -  3 (juniors 2.00).
Non-Members - 4 (3 junior non-members).

 Squash Box Leagues

Members are encoraged to enter the box leagues. To enter sign up on the squash noticeboard at the Outdoor Centre. 

SCORING  Match result in games   3-0    3-1    3-2    2-0    2-1    2-2    1-0    1-1    0-0
                             Points scored        6-1    5-2    4-3    3-1    3-2    3-3    2-1    2-2    1-1
Winner of each league will always be promoted. New entries cannot join the Premier Box.  New entries will be placed in the 'preferred league' wherever possible, however please be aware that this is not always feasible.   
If you don't play any games for 2 consecutive months, you may be excluded from the leagues until you indicate that you wish to re-enter in the box on the next page. 
When making contact with an opponent, offer up to 3 different reasonable dates/times for a match. If all 3 dates/times are rejected by the opponent and they can't offer another date/time, a walkover (4 points) can be claimed.




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